It’s A ?????

Happy Wife Happy Life baby boy announcement

Aren’t those the cutest little pair of baby Uggs…So in love, anyways I know I have already said that we are having a boy, however it is now official, we are definitely having a baby BOY.  At our half way point ultrasound the technician was a little mad that we went at 18 instead of the normal 20 weeks, but my doctor made the appointment so I wasn’t going to question.  Anyways, she had told us that she thought it was a boy and (I know that they can’t guarantee) but I was happy because I just knew baby was going to be a boy, I had that feeling.  However, my husband wasn’t so convinced and kept telling everyone we were back to square one and didn’t know if baby was a boy or girl.

So on Tuesday we trekked down to the hospital and had another ultrasound, and I was super excited to go so we could finally be sure sure.  During the ultrasound I asked the nice technician if baby was a boy or girl.  She asked me if we had any names picked out yet and I said Mason if baby is a boy and maybe Aubrey if it’s a girl.  The tech replied “well Mason is a perfect fit because baby is definitely a boy” 🙂 and we now have the pictures to prove it ;)”.   Jeremy and I would have been happy either way, but I secretly know he is thrilled to be having a baby boy, to take after daddy!

So if any mama’s out there have any life saving tips on bringing home baby PLLLEASE share 🙂



  1. Robi-Ann says:

    Congrats to you and Jeremy!!! That is so exciting! I also just knew I was having a little boy!
    I had a very bad labour so my coming home was hard, and painful. (4 days in hospital) My advice, make sure to have a friend or family member to help if needed. Even if its just to cook/clean while you and Jeremy take care of babe, and yourself. Also make ice packs haha, big help!

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