Traveling with a toddler and baby! Hawaii Edition

Hey guys and gals!

Haven’t been on here for a bit. Life has been crazy, new baby who is now 14 months and a 3 year old going on 15.  New house, it’s like a bomb has gone off here, and new opportunities. That being said we did get away for a 2 week vacation.

Here are a few quick tips for traveling with a busy toddler and infant.

#1 Bring an ipad, it’s just easy.  People on the plane will thank you for it.

#2 For your infant bring along a dockatot. Mine was a life savor, cozy for her to sleep in and easy to move when baby is sleeping, fits on your lap perfectly, or if you happen to have a free seat beside, score!

#3 Bring a friend or family member if you can, we decided to bring along a family friend and between myself, husband and family member we played pass the baby.

#4 One of the most important things to not forget are, snacks, kids are like a loop hole you can bring water bottles, veggies, squeeze packs you name it, you can bring it. My kids always seem to be eating so this was a must!

#5 Enough diapers, wipes, carrier, and extra clothing to get you through the airport/ plane ride/ and landing.

Here’s a few snap shots from our family vacay.


See works like a charm 🙂


Baby carrier is a must, we did a 3 hr hike with the kiddos and they mastered it like pros!

Beach day with the Uncles.

My baby carrier saved the day, I used this baby every single day!


We did some educational outings as well, this was an octopus farm in Kona, Hawaii


Believe it or not we walked with the kids down to that beach, boy was it a hike.  We were so pumped when we got back up.


A few other tips and trick I have learned from my experience with traveling with little’s, don’t book a hotel. Way to expensive and your all crammed in the same room.  Do a rental home, a lot cheaper, especially if you split it with family, and way more room.

Book places with baby stuff so you don’t have to rent or buy, if you can’t don’t waste your money on renting. I tried that this trip and it was cheaper to just buy a play yard and bring it home.


Those are my tips for traveling with your little ones, hope they help 🙂

Till next time,


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