Top Newborn Must Haves

 I received some of these items for free in exchange for a review, however, this does not affect my opinion of these products!

Hey, ladies so we are onto our second child, and I thought I would share some of my newborn musts!  It is so hard to know, especially when you’re a new mom what baby items you will “actually need” vs. the items blogs tell you, you “must have” but then don’t even end up using them.  So I took it upon myself to create a list of items that made our lives a lot easier.  So here is my list of my “mommy must haves for baby”

We started out with a regular bassinet but ended up using the Nuna Playyard instead.  It was great and came with a bassinet insert so baby slept up higher.  It is also great because once baby grows out of the bassinet stage you can use it for traveling and on the go.

I found that the Medela Swing Pump was great for me since I only pumped when I was going to be away, it is also small and super portable so it didn’t take up a lot of space.

They recommend some sort of playtime mat, and we went with the Skiphop Owl Tummy Time Mat. Babies tend to hate tummy time, but it is important that they do it and not have them laying on their backs all the time. Mason hated tummy time but seemed to enjoy looking at himself in the mirror it came with.

The Maxi Cosi Car Seat is great! I had a lot of compliments on this seat first time around, it’s funny how once you have a baby you start getting compliments on your baby gear! The only complaint I had with the seat is the canopy it is little flimsy, but other than that it is super durable, removable cloth part with is awesome, and super lightweight.

Boon grass is a life savor! for all that baby stuff (bottles, nipples, pump parts, etc), It’s great, I am still using mine, now for sippy cups.  But it is nice to keep your adult dishes separate from the baby stuff.

The one item that my husband even raves about is our  4moms Mamaroo Swing Mason loved the swing, when all else failed the swing always fixed a fussy baby.

Aden + Anais swaddle blankets, were defiantly a life savor when he was a newborn, except for the fact that Mason always managed to break one arm free. Once we stopped using the blankets for the traditional swaddle they still came in handy and Mason is almost 2.

For bath time we used the Boon Naked Bath Tub, it is a 2 position collapsible baby bathtub, it was great with the to positions from newborn, to when he could sit up on his own.  It was also great for transitioning to our big bath tub.  Mason was a little scared of our big deep tub so we would put his baby bath inside until he felt comfortable to transition.  Now you can’t get him to leave the tub.

One baby product I am super excited to try out with the new baby is the DockaTot Deluxe, we did a lot of co-sleeping with Mason and it was terrifying, some nights he would only want to sleep on our chests and to say the least we did not sleep.  With the Dockatot it is said to be a life savor so I am excited to try it out and report back.

Another new baby item I’m excited to try out with the new babe are those baby Milestone Cards, I always meant to get some the first time around with Mason but never ended up getting some.  I take a lot of pictures, so I think it will be an easier way of keep track of babies firsts.

An alternative to the traditional swaddle blankets I am also excited to try out The Ollie Swaddle, it is a swaddle that uses Velcro to allow individual sizing to your babies needs and if this baby is anything like my first will be an escape artist, so hopefully with the use of the velcro she will stay put.

I also really like the Honest Company when it comes to diapers and wipes. If you’d like to try them out you can use my affiliate link and sign up for a free trial of their products.  It wasn’t realistic for me to do the whole cloth diapers so I figured a great alternative is an Eco-friendly diaper.  My little guy is pretty sensitive to what goes on his body so I wanted to make sure I found a good company that he wouldn’t react to. Plus the prints are so adorable 🙂

Another necessity is a good quality Diaper Bag, I got a Kate Spade Bag, I wanted something stylish and would hold a lot of stuff.  I have no complaints with this bag, I still love it 🙂 Lots of space, pockets and comes with a change pad.


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