Surviving a Toddler/Family Photo Shoot

Christmas is right around the corner and I decided that we as a whole family should do a little photo shoot, cute idea to give out Christmas themed photos to the relatives.  Sounds like a great idea right? oh was I wrong, toddlers and photo shoots don’t really go together very well.  It’s either a hit or miss, this day was definitely a miss! I thought Mason would love it, getting to run around in the snow, we even brought the dog.  But he wasn’t having any of it.

In the end, our photographer was able to get a few good shots, check it out 😉 Photography by Ever Images

Some advice I would definitely pass on to anyone looking for ideas on how to survive a photo shoot with a toddler.

  1. Go early enough before  their nap, or after.  But NEVER right before.
  2. Let them explore the area before hand if you can, Mason was all over the place.
  3. If there are props involved and your toddler takes a liking to one, don’t take it away,  just work with it.  If you take it away you’re asking for a melt down.
  4. This one is for you mom, try not to stress! if your toddler is losing it just go with it, don’t let it ruin your time. I spent the majority of the time stressing and it definitely took away from having fun with my family.

Now here are a few shots of my little man not wanting to cooperate!

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