Exciting News to Share!

gender reveal party This past weekend my husband and I shared some extremely exciting news with our family and friends and now I would love to share it with you lovely ladies 🙂

We are due to have another little Rupke in March yay!! (my family and friends already knew that we were having another 😉  but now I am sharing with you guys. We are so excited but also so nervous at the same time! It feels like we just got a handle on life with a 22-month-old and things are running smoothly, add another baby into the mix and oh boy here we go again.

Anyways, this weekend we revealed if we were having a boy or a girl. Can you guess? We took it to a vote to see how many of our guests would be right. Let’s just say majority guessed correctly, I have shared a few pictures from the party below.  I think it turned out pretty good, it was a lot of work trying to get everything together and looking after a toddler, let’s just say it was a VERY LONG NIGHT.  Thanks to my hubby for chipping in when it got a little late.


gender reveal party(The spread)

gender reveal party(The Cake Lipstick Baker)

gender reveal party

gender reveal party

gender reveal party(I look a little scary here with that knife…)

gender reveal party(the big reveal)

gender reveal party

gender reveal party(I don’t know how Mason feels about this..)

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