Pregnancy Update #11 (week 37) FULL TERM

week 37Good Afternoon Ladies! This is going to be another quick update! This is what you could look forward to during week 37 of pregnancy yahoo……lol.  It is crazy since last Thursday I am considered full term, so we could have the baby at anytime (kinda nerve racking).  So he can just stay in there until 39-40 weeks 🙂 Anyways, thanks for stopping by and have a great  rest of your weekend xox



How far along? 37 weeks (considered full term)

Baby’s size? Baby boy is the size of a Winter Melon , weighing between 6.2 lbs to 9.2 lbs

Stretch marks? Nope! and I think I maybe in the clear :) fingers crossed.  I think stretch marks have to do with your body type and I heard somewhere you are more likely to get them if your mother had them.  So thanks mom! If this is true 🙂 No stretch marks for this girl! Sorry that was a total brag 😛

Sleep: Sleeping is actually getting a little better, I think because baby has dropped and it provides a more comfortable sleep and able to breathe easier.  I also have actually been able to sleep in past 8 am! yay 🙂 Get all the extra sleep while I still can.

Miss Anything? Not really missing anything this week, just the usual.

Movement: Still kicking hard! Also when he turns it’s a funny feeling.

Food cravings: Craving apples, lots and lots of apples! And snacking on all the baking I have been doing ahhh.

Anything making you queasy or sick:  My nausea is up and down, usually more in the morning or later at night.

Gender: Boy yay!!

Labor Signs: None so far, however noticing more Braxton Hicks Contractions.

Symptoms: A lot more pressure, baby feels so heavy, more Braxton Hicks contractions (however they have not developed a pattern so I am not worried!) On the plus side since baby has dropped I can breathe easier and sleeping has become not so bad.

Belly Button in or out? It is still undecided lol….

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Still pretty quick tempered if hubby doesn’t jump when I say jump lol! But other than that pretty happy most of the time!

Looking forward to? To meeting our little guy in a few weeks! Also Xmas and New Years is right around the corner, yay!! Super stoked for that it’s going to be a very busy few weeks 🙂


week 37

And a real close up of that big bump hehehe….

week 37

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