Little Mister Mason Gunnar Rupke

Born January 11th 2015, weighting 7 pounds 4 ounces and 3 days over due.  Our little mister man is here!!!!  We are so excited to start the next chapter of our lives 🙂  It is amazing how you can love someone so much and not even know them, we are so smitten by him.  I have to admit, adjusting to life with a newborn has a bit of getting used to! but it is already such an amazing experience!  I look forward to posting monthly updates about how rewarding and challenging being a mom can be 🙂  Here are a few quick pictures of our little man!

Our little man at 13 days old!!

mason 12 days old

Little man at 7 days old

mason 7 days old

Little man at 5 days old, we had a ruff ending towards the end of labor, the doctors didn’t realize that he was coming out “sunny side up” also known as Facial Presentation.  He has some horrible bruising from the vacuum that they had to use to help get him out.  Poor little man!  But now doing great, bruising has disappeared and he is a happy healthy little man

mason 5 days old

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  1. Robi-Ann says:

    Mason is so cute! I am glad hes doing well! William was also sunny side up. I hope the delivery wasn’t bad! Mine was beyond horrible. I hope you are recovering well! I love to hear birth stories if you ever want to share yours pm me 😉

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