Life with a 1 month old

So I can’t believe my little man is 1 month old today!! Other moms weren’t kidding when they told me to cherish every minute because time fly’s by, I notice so many different things about Mason that are changing like how his little eyelashes are growing so long, and how he smiles and giggles, and has finally woken up from the sleepy newborn stage. I promised to do a little update on what it is like having a baby and I have to admit it is one of the most amazing things you can ever do! Even though at some points you feel like your days are a blur and you don’t know what time it is.  However, it is totally worth it 🙂


Some things that I was not prepared for was how long recovery takes, I thought that I would be back to the gym in no time!  Boy was I wrong, it is now a month since Mason was born and I am still having to take it easy.  Between stitches, tailbone pain (that I hope ends soon) and just plain wanting to feel like my old self again.  I have accepted that it takes time and the more you rest up in the end the faster your recovery will be.  My advice to new moms like me, get as much rest as possible and I know it is hard but I keep learning the hard way of thinking I’m better and then over do it hahaha.  But in the end all the craziness that we go through they are so worth it 🙂  I could not imagine my life without him.


It’s funny when you think of a newborn you don’t think of them being very strong, well our little man is surprisingly strong! He likes tummy time, can hold his head up on his own, and it’s as if he wants to stand already.  He likes to stand for about 30-45 seconds with us holding him up.  He looks like a little mercat when he does it, it is the cutest thing 🙂

masonSome of the things we have experienced with a 1 month old are:

  • Wakes up 3 times a night, 1:30 am, 3:30 am, 5:30 am.
  • Only gets really fussy when hungry, other than that he’s not much of a crier which we totally lucked out on!
  • Is very alert, and strong
  • More of an adjustment for us rather than him,is it is a big deal traveling around with a baby! I never knew going to the grocery store could be so hard, or any where for that matter.
  • Everyone loves him, we never knew how much people adore babies (they will literally snatch him up and not give him back until it’s time to go).
  • Didn’t know that you could love someone so much and have just met 🙂

Daddy’s little man


life with a 1 month old

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