Life with a 2 Month Old

masonHey Lovelys so we have survived the second month with baby Mason, and it’s safe to say I feel like it is getting a lot easier! So hang in there mamas, your doing great 🙂

Mason is breaking out of his sleepy newborn stage and into this little person that I am loving more and more each and everyday!  Baby Mason is starting to develop a routine sleep schedule which is great! Thank god, it’s so nice to have some down time to myself at the end of the night, however it also feels a little strange I have to admit.  My husband and I didn’t know what to do with ourselves at first, it was a very weird feeling of not having to tend to babies every need.

Mason takes about 3-4 naps a day (ranging from 20 minutes to an hour) and we are finally down to one feed in the middle of the night, yay!!! He will be sleeping threw the night in no time (fingers crossed).

Some advice I was told before we had Mason was that 0-3 months is the hardest part, and everything after that just gets easier in a sense!  I totally agree with this statement, I am finding it a lot more fun and easier being a mom! My baby has turned 3 months today and is already on the right path to making my life a little easier!  Also don’t get wrong having a baby is totally exhausting (and I have a pretty good one by the sounds of it).  But I still feel like I haven’t slept in months.

Motherhood is defiantly the most difficult and challenging thing i have ever attempted, but also very rewarding and fun!

Here’s my chubby little man at 2 months old, isn’t he so cute!

2 month old baby

Some of the cute new things Mason has been up to this month are:

  • He is so good at holding his head up by himself! We haven’t had to support his neck to much since the beginning (super strong baby).  He also loves to stand up with the help of mommy and daddy.
  • The dreaded tummy time, I have read that it’s common for babies to not be a huge fan of the dreaded tummy time, and baby Mason totally falls into this category! Lately, I have been trying to make it more fun by placing him in different locations around the house ( not just on the same spot).  Lately, he is loving tummy time on the workout mat, I think he enjoys doing it there so he can look up at the tv lol.  He is such a tv watcher these days, he will direct all his attention to that glowing light if there is some sort of screen in the room.
  • He has also discovered his hands this month, he has been snatching up things in his chubby little hands like its no big deal!  and stuffs everything in his mouth.
  • He also has entered the drool stage, he is so gooey hahaha.
  • Mason is also getting a lot louder and developing his own little personality.  He loves to laugh and smile, he has been a pretty happy baby right from the start, however he is even more so now 🙂 We are loving it!!

I would love to hear some of the exciting things that your babies are up to, I know that every baby develops at different paces. So if your baby is or isn’t doing everything he or she should be than don’t worry they will eventually start doing it in time 🙂

My little man loves the camera, one thing I really enjoy about writing this blog is that life can be so busy sometimes especially with a new baby and being a new mom.  That sometimes you forget to take pictures, or you have all these pictures just sitting on your phone and not really sharing them with anyone.  This way I get to share the pictures that I love with everyone 🙂

 mason 2 months

It is so amazing how fast they grow! Sorry for cell phone quality pics, they were to cute to pass up 🙂


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