Checklist: What to pack in “your” hospital bag

mommy hospital bagSo, I have done a lot and by A LOT I mean it 🙂 hours spent looking on pinterest and watching youtube videos of  what others have said to pack in “the hospital bag”   So since I am writing about this before I actually have my babe I plan on doing a revised version of this checklist, “the items you really need” so I may end up bringing things that I don’t even take out of the bag during my hospital stay. But I really do think every women is different and one thing may work for you and may not for someone else.  Here is my checklist of what I packed 🙂

A big tip, that I would recommend is don’t leave packing till the last second, why add the extra stress, on an already stressful count down! My husband and I are famous for leaving everything till the last second and then scrambling to get everything ready in time. So I basically broke my habit of waiting to the last second and had successfully packed my hospital bag, baby bag, and hubby bag at just a little over 5weeks to go (go me!). With the exception of small things that can just be grabbed on the big day 🙂

Another tip I found useful when packing your bags remember to write a little list for all the things that you will need to grab right before you run out that door! ( things like make-up bag, camera, chargers, cell phones, etc.). Leave your list on top of your bag for easy access.  You won’t want to be scrambling looking for that list when your in labor.  (So the short-  pack all your bigger items that you can live without first and then grab smaller items right before you leave).

moms hospital bag

 So what’s in the picture? 1. Lanolin Cream 2. Breast Pads 3. Body Lotion 4. Olay exfoliating wet wipes 5. Soap 6. Toothbrush 7. Pads 8. Flip Flops 9. Make-up Bag 10. Bean Bag (to heat up) 11. Phone 12. Wallet 13. Snacks 14. Robe 15. Warm Socks 16. Nursing Tank 17. Comfy Clothing

UPDATE*** Sorry this took so long, these are the things that I actually used in the hospital vs. the things I thought/ read I should bring.

Soap, Toothbrush, Make-up, Phone, Snacks, Warm Socks, Nursing Tank and Comfy clothing.  What I should have brought, and what I didn’t know until after experiencing birth is to pack the heavy heavy duty pads or even dare I say it depends! I packed pads but they defiantly did not do the trick (sorry if i am going a little over board! But I totally wish someone told me exactly what to expect.  I thought I was so prepared, but nope not even close. I will know for sure next time 😛

So here is my list ofMUST PACK” and things that you could feel are “OPTIONAL”  but could be still useful to bring!

 Outfit to go home in: You want an extra outfit to go home in, don’t want to leave in your hospital gown or pj’s.

Pj’s or Comfy Clothing: If you do not want to wear the hospital gown, and feel more comfortable in your pj’s, or just some really nice fitting comfy track pants then pack a pair of those.  I packed a couple comfy track pants and sweaters, plus a sport bra.

Pillow: Hospital pillows aren’t the comfiest so I recommend bringing your own,  and make sure to have a bright pillow case so the people that do laundry don’t accidentally take yours.

Flip Flops: So you can wear them in the shower if the hospital shower looks gross!

Socks: Apparently, hospital rooms are chilly at night so if you are like me always cold!  Definitely, don’t forget to pack warm socks! I packed my thermal heat socks, they are the best.

Bag of travel-sized toiletries: Things like Toothpaste, Toothbrush, lotion, deodorant, face wash. I use Olay exfoliating wet wipes (they are great), chap stick, hair ties, glasses if you need them, basically things you would use at home ( every day items).

Plastic bag for laundry:  If you are like me you will want a place to store your dirty clothes so you don’t have pack them in your bag of unused things. I think it will make it a lot easier when you get home to just toss everything in the wash 🙂

Nursing pads: When your milk first comes in, it’s a mess very leaky as your body needs to adjust to how much your baby will drink. Nursing pads help absorb, so you do not leak through your shirt.  I am just bringing a few pairs.  But better to be safe then sorry!

Nursing bra or Tank:  I bought a nursing tank because I was advised to wait 2 weeks after my milk comes in to buy nursing bras.

Maxi Pads: My hospital advised me to bring some.

Lanolin or anything type of nipple cream: This is probably one of the most important things I was told about, helps with snore nipples.  I bought a tube to be prepared.

Cheap Underwear: Bring a few pairs that are cotton and comfortable, no thongs haha.  After birth I have been told you are going to be very sore and sensitive.  They were on my hospital checklist so I ended up packing a few pairs.

Phone and or Tablet: Labor can take along time so to help get you through it you can listen to some music or use a tablet to help occupy your time.  Help try to keep you distracted, also you will defiantly want your phone! to make any necessary calls to friends and family that are not with you to let them know that you are at the hospital and baby is on the way!

Makeup: You don’t have to have it  but…I prefer not to look like a horrible mess for pictures so this is a MUST for me!
Camera and charger: A camera is one of the most important things you can bring to the hospital. You want to document your time there, because I know I do! My hubby wants to use his go pro to document the whole adventure from start to finish (but without filming the gross parts). I am looking forward to getting pictures before labor gets to intense and then for after baby is born, for those special moments 🙂 don’t forget charger, extra batteries and a second memory card just encase you go crazy with pictures and fill the card! Can’t have to many pictures.

Wallet/purse: A given.

Water Bottle: I was also told to bring a water bottle because you can get very thirsty during labor.

Checklist on what to pack for your spouse:

I also packed a bag for Jeremy, “the daddy bag”.  His list is a lot shorter, because dads are able to come and go as they please so he will be fine 🙂

Snacks: For both you and him

Change of Clothing: If your hospital allows your hubby to stay over night he will want something comfy.

Phone/ Tablet: A given for my husband anyways.

Essential Toiletries: Self explanatory.

I packed a separate bag for baby check out what we are bringing: BABY BAG

What's in your hospital bag

 If anyone has any other tips on what to bring I would love you to share 🙂

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