New House, New beginnings

Well overdue, we are into the new year just by a smidge and I have failed to get our new house update up.  We get Fall family photos done each year from my good friend Erin. To remind us of how fast the years go by. Since having kids it’s like time has sped up 🙁

Lots had gone on this past year, new home, my best friend got married, work has lead us to great opportunities. With a new home came the stress of moving. We decided to do a new home build, bought into a development. It was an interesting experience, should I write about our new home build? It was definitely quite the experience, but worth it in the end. I just wish I would have been warned or knew what to expect during that process.

This lane way is just beautiful

Yay it’s finally finished, Jeremy wanted a dirt picture! I didn’t get why but I am glad we did, the week after we finally got grass, Mason was super happy.

One of the reasons why we wanted to move back to where we had grown up was the country life. As kids, my husband had fond memories of growing up on a farm as do I. My family had more of a hobby farm than working though. I’m really excited to let my children have the chance to grow up in this unique community. #Farmlife without the work.

My little explorer, you think the older they get the easier it is to get a nice picture. In reality, Olivia was the child that co-operated. But he’s so handsome when you snap a good one.

Can’t you just stay little forever, Olivia is really turning into a daddy’s girl, I’m happy for that though, it’s so cute to just see her talk about her daddy nonstop.

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